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  • Start by saving this website as a “Favorite“ or “Bookmark“ in your browser.  Also leave yourself a reminder to visit the site every Thursday to enter your attendance selection if you have not previously.
  • Click the “Register“ link in the upper right corner.  Fill out all required fields.  Please provide your daytime phone and email address.
  • Once you have registered and you are logged in, the main menu at the top will include a “Attendance“ menu.  You can check how many people plan to attend a given game by clicking on this menu. 
  • Once you are on the "All Attendees" screen you can update your own attendance.  You can do this by clicking on the"Edit My Attendance" link in the lower left corner of the page. Indicate which games you will be able to play.  Be sure to “Save“ your selection(s).
  • Return to the "Attendance" page and you will see your name in the list along with your selections.
  • To change your password you must be logged in. Under the "Home" menu click "User Account".  Enter your old password and your new password (twice), then click the "Update Password" link directly underneath on the left.  (Note: clicking the "Update" link will not update your password.)

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NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer, version 10 you may be experiencing trouble logging in. If so, click the Compatibility Mode icon in the Address Bar to enable Compatibility Mode, then retry the Login link.


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